male hair loss affects 40% of all men by the age of 35 but can anything be done to prevent it dr. and is with us now and this is something that you and you don't mind us saying it at all you've had your own personal struggle with yes so I've been gradually thinning since my early 20s and that's a normal part of life for all men yes is what happens but then it got to my sort of late thirties it really started to bug me I decided to do something about it I went to see a specialist it was actually part of an ITV show

that we were doing at the time I got an assessment done and I thought okay you know what I'm going to do something about it and I tried various different things and then eventually I settled on a treatment that I'm happy with but there are lots and lots of things out there lucky said if X odds of men mmm so I come to those treatments in a moment but what causes it what is it male pattern

baldness so the biggest cause of male baldness in men is something called male pattern baldness and that happens because men produce testosterone that testosterone gets metabolized to something called DHT that binds to follicles of hair in your scalp and it's only mainly these follicles in this area here that have that receptor when it binds to them it causes them to shrink and then the hair falls out these ones get spared because they don't have the receptor and these ones tend to go in women it's a totally different process altogether but in that male pattern baldness is 95 percent of hair loss in men there are other reasons that people lose hair medical conditions pregnancies stress trauma nutritional

 Coping With Hair Loss solutions for hair loss 2020

deficiencies certain conditions like thyroid disease that kind of stuff you know there could be lots of different which is why it's important to go to a specialist they can have anything else which is what I think is important to get a medical opinion before you embark on a significant reef all right so let's start off first of all with shampoos because that seems relatively easy so yeah you're absolutely right so the very sort of at the cheaper end or cheapest end of the markets probably things like shampoos are available over-the-counter really easy to obtain and they make a huge range of claims and there's a huge range of products as various different things like caffeine peptides ginseng the reality is the

Coping With Hair Loss solutions for hair loss 2020

scientific evidence for these is really really poor short try them out see how they go for you I tried a brand out it made my scalp really really dry and I think made the problem worse which is why I think it is very much a trial and error and just be careful that there isn't a huge amount of evidence okay next up the other things you could pop when you have things called serums they're slightly more expensive than the shampoos and some of these coat the hair the hair follicles so therefore make the hair appear thicker which obviously will have an effect some of these claims as a word that's used a

lot isn't it appear you'll it'll appear thicker you'll appear younger and that's it and it's all in the eye of the beholder isn't it and some of these claim to stimulate hair growth again the evidence for that isn't that great whilst they may thicken your hair and make it look fuller which some people are happy doing that it may not necessarily stimulate regrowth alright so what about supplements so supplements we've got some over here so supplements are a huge industry as we know the vitamin

market is massive these are marketed as health these are food supplements these aren't technically medication tip those herbs they will contain things like vitamins and minerals things like vitamin b6 b7 b12 iron selenium zinc all of these have been implicated in hair loss now the the problem with

Coping With Hair Loss solutions for hair loss 2020

these is that they will help if you're deficient in those vitamins I mean if you're not getting it through your diet or if you've got a very restrictive diet if you're not they're unlikely to make a massive ions and again the evidence for them is conflicting actually when you look at the big studies that look at different types of vitamins and minerals it's a bit of a debate is still out on them or think sky spring let's see so we talked about serums and things coating there and making it look fuller and there are

disguised sprays waxes and fibers that pretty much do the same things they coat the hair and make it look thicker which is great and they can also disguise any sort of bald patches you might add so for example this is this is one brand that's a a by a hairdresser called Jamie Stevens who's been doing lots of work in this so a disguised spray I've actually tried these products so as I'm gonna I'm gonna put it on my hand and just show you it goes on oh wow and your scalp it can but it does coat the hair a bit as well so for some people that might be exactly when you spray that you need to make sure it's on the right bit cover your whole face massive stuff is slightly more expensive than the others it's easily available you does take practice and it can get messy and with some products you might want to be

 Coping With Hair Loss solutions for hair loss 2020

careful in the rain and things Wow so is that liable to start running down your face depends on the product these ones don't run down your face but just be careful if you try this because some others might I want to show you these fibers though these are pretty cool because these are fibers that stick to your hair and all you do if I get another pull on my hands you haven't got very much hair all it does if you puff them on you might see look at they go on ah again takes parties there's not much up there to stick you could you actually you could try and it does sometimes give the appearance of natural

hair but again it's practice it could get messy it may not work in certain weather conditions and you have to reapply these is not a permanent solution okay so let's go to medication so we're gonna talk about two main ones the first one which is a lot more commonly known is minoxidil or Rogaine is one of the brand names this is a medication that was discovered incidentally you apply it to the scalp and it stimulates hair regrowth and it's reduces hair loss as well it can be used by men and women which is the big thing about it does it work now there is evidence that it does work it isn't as effective as some of the other medication it takes about a year to kick in you might have to use it for up to a year to start to see any noticeable effect you're gonna have to do every day it can call scalp irritation

Coping With Hair Loss solutions for hair loss 2020

it can get messy the application process can be messy as well so just bear that in mind but a lot of people use it and they might see it's like a maze it can be a mousse it could be an ointment and you put it on you put it on and you have to rub it after like washing your hair it doesn't leave here with a phone-sex yeah well it kind of according to this you put it on massage it twice a day 12-hour interval I think since they come in anytime really right okay here's a bit of a commitment what about some other things you take so there are there is now on the market a medication that you can take finasteride one of the brand names for it is propecia it is available off prescription and there is a once-a-day pill that cost around about a pound a day now this is one of the most effective medical

 Coping With Hair Loss solutions for hair loss 2020

treatments that we have for male pattern baldness it can start to kick in anywhere between three to six months I take this myself and I actually found it to be useful it can stimulate regrowth and it helps you hold on to what you have so you'd have to start it relatively early it's no point using it when your hair is gone because it's not going to bring it back by the only problem with this is it is a male-only treatment because it's a hormone voice test testosterone blocker so it's a hormone based treatments that women shouldn't use it you should be careful if your partner is trying to get pregnant as well and the other thing to bear in mind is always speak to a professional before you take this because whilst it is effective a small percentage of men have significant side effects sometimes those side effects

persist after stopping the medication and that could affect your mood it can have an effect on your mental health and it can even affect your libido and these are really really important Paul is thanking propecia he came on our show in 2014 and claimed the drug that made him impotent depressed and suicidal exactly which it's when you look at the studies it's very difficult to differentiate whether it was the actual medication that caused that or whether failure of the medication actually drove the

people to feel those feelings but I think we have to take it seriously and you have to do your research before considering something just very quickly because it's sort of sitting on the table you could go to that yes so we now have hair systems hair systems are to pay to point note that the new version of the TPA and essentially what they've done what they are it's very similar to a toupee but they've created

bespoke for you so you have to have been fitted by a professional they're glued onto your scale we've got a coroner here to shape they are extremely realistic they're last for up to three months you don't have to have it reapplied for three months but then you'd have to go back and have it redone but they can look really really great for looking at this going oh look at that go actually that looks pretty good this is pre-cut though just bare though more that's got to be fitted by professional and it can be of you know several hundred pounds but as you can see yeah an option and none of the size you