five science how you can notice whether you will go bald or not and three tips or strategies in order to prevent this from happening further hey what's going on Matt here and in this video I'm gonna talk about five signs of early hair loss we all know that Hel's is a complex problem and needs to be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent more hair loss happening and it can progress in different rates if you have just noticed slide tempo recession it doesn't mean that you will go bald in two three years from now it can also be ten fifteen or twenty years from now but it is very important to notice hair
 loss as soon as possible and start treating it as soon as possible alright guys the sign number one
excessive amount of hair on your pillow if you have dark hair use white pillow if you have blonde hair is darker pillow in order to notice how many hairs do you lose after every morning also number of hair the jewels in a shower these two things are gonna tell a lot whether you have hair loss or not and yeah it's normal to lose about 100 hairs a day somebody tells you 150 somebody 50 100 but it is not really normal to see and be able to count all of these hundred here because you will not see visually every single hair that you'll have lost on a daily basis so be careful if you are already seeing like 2040 hairs already falling off on a daily basis after you comb your hair after you wake up in the

 5 Early Signs of Balding and Tips to prevent it

morning on your pillow or in a shower this is a sign that you may start receding for real now the second take a look at your relatives family members from your father and mother side and yeah take a look bow at both sides don't just take a look at the mother side as some people claim we don't really know for sure whether it's only affected by your mother's side so I would check all my relatives uncles Pass and especially check for this typical M shape you Schabel V shape or horseshoe shape now this is also a sign that well if your relatives have this and you are carrying their genes to some extent it's likely that you will also develop this type of receding pattern now the sign number three

5 Signs of Balding and Tips to prevent it

which also increases the likelihood of you developing some type of receding pattern and it's itchy or flaky scalp in my case it was more like itchy scalp I remember at the University of us around 20 I was learning reading studying long hours and I was always experiencing this itchiness even though I was washing my scalp every day I was just sitting at home I wasn't even sweating all weeks-long sometimes and I just need to I would just you know just brush my hair like that and on my books you just see like tens of hairs I was like wow this is not good now the sign number four we just also overlooked sometimes and it's basically that the hair just takes longer to grow if the hair is affected

by miniaturization by the progressive miniaturization triggered by DHD it's hair growth phase will be shorter and shorter so called anagen phase it's not going to be 2 to 7 years as the textbook suggests by a healthy individual but it can be even as short as six months or even 12 months you will notice that these miniaturized hairs will just grow maybe 5 6 7 centimeters and then they will fall out and then I will grow again a little bit thinner but again - maybe like five or six centimeter of length and then they will fall out again that leads me to the sign number five which is your hair just becomes harder to stop the it makes sense if you have a less of it right now it is going to be harder to style because it just thin wispy it breaks it falls out much quicker than it used to these round the five science but this

is not where the video ends I want to help you right now and I'm gonna tell you three tips which you have to do right now in order to stop this from happening from progressing further this is the first thing that I recommend to do what I wish I would have done much earlier and this is tracking your hair loss and by tracking your hair loss I don't mean obsessing about it spending hub of your hair styling morning hair styling routine with oh my god has it recessed further overnight you know this type of stuff don't do it no it hasn't recessed in one night so don't worry know what I'm talking about is like taking regular pictures or shooting short videos of your frontal hairline temporal region here

5 Signs of Balding and Tips to prevent it

sides mid scub and vertex on a basis of I would say once every two or three weeks would be a good idea for the start so that would be the tip number one the second step was to focusing on stopping your hair loss freezing your hair loss as it is right now so it will most progress further so if you already do this you are doing well and what you can use here are the FDA approved treatments like finasteride and minoxidil finasteride is simply riskier for young guys I really do not recommend it as it can come with some severe side effects when it comes to your libido erections even some mental psychological problems well minoxidil is also not an angel and it also can come with some side

effects if you don't use it correctly it can also make your scalp feel dry itchy make your skin wrinkled your for it really make you actually older as some guys report it I haven't experienced that myself but it's also possible sure there are other treatments like laser helmets PRP but these are not FDA approved they're just FDA cleared that just means that they are safe to use okay no side effects or anything like that but they're not they were not proven to be effective for hair loss otherwise there would have been already FDA approved so they're only FDA cleared third step the third tip is going to be to start re growing some of the hair that you have already lost now it's going to be much more easier if you are like Norwood one or if you are a guy who have just noticed some recessions some slight temporal recession or maybe the hairline is there's a very high chance that you can regrow

 5 Early Signs of Balding and Tips to prevent it

almost 100% of that here are the things that you can do to regrow the hair as I said finasteride minoxidil but this is not the most effective what you can do there are also things like micro needling derma rolling using derma pen in combination with treatments like minoxidil or other topical products which are DHT blockers what DHT blocker is it basically blacks the DHT the excess of DHT which was converted by the 5 alpha reductase from your testosterone and then the DHT you will bind onto your hair follicles and makes them smaller and smaller so you want to use micro needling together with either FINA finasteride or minoxidil again minoxidil would be slightly better or just use it on itself with some other topical DHT blockers you can also use DHT blocking

shampoos I'm using the shampoo from hair restoration laboratories which you can also find in the description below in case you are interested you can also get 15% off on the shampoo on your whole order but you can also any other shampoo which has ketoconazole in it which had been proven to block DHT now if you want to successfully manage your hair loss stop your hair loss and regrow some of your hair the best way possible sign up for a free consultation with me or an expert on my team and the way to do it there is the link in the description below where you can literally do that

yeah we also do international calls but you have to take this seriously this is especially important for somebody who wants to get a hair transplant already considering hair transplant as an option for hair restoration or especially important for you if you got a hair transplant already and you are not very satisfied with your result let me help you with that as well so you can have a natural looking hairline great density or even the best possible density you can have so we can again live a fulfilled life style your hair the way you used to the way you like it without constant worrying about do people notice how do I look oh my god the wind is blowing my receding spots are gonna be now uncovered you

know stuff like that I also have experienced that so check the link in the description below and let us know when you would like to be contacted and other than that thank you so much for watching because you are the reasons why I'm making these types of videos if you have any questions suggestions for the possible topics I can discuss make sure you comment below see you in the next video or talk to you on the phone