welcome back to my channel or hello if you're new I'm gonna be doing a video all about like fitness hacks and teenagers so you guys actually request any time to like videos on like weight loss for teenagers or getting healthy for teenagers try to go back way back when and think about when I was a teenager I feel like when you're a teenager you're definitely more likely to eat more junk food and

you just you know you don't really think about fully a lot of health issues when you're so young of course I tried to make them easy for you guys to kind of implement into your life you want to get fit you want to get healthy you guys can always check out my fitness playlist I have a ton of videos on there and also a really good place to check out for like daily workouts for me is to go on my Instagram I have an Twitter snapchat Facebook you guys know the Joe but I have instrum and I

How to lose weight for teenagers in one month 2020

recently made a section on my profile called fitness and I'm gonna be posting a lot of my workouts I'm just putting it into that little section where it says share stories or something you guys definitely follow me though on Instagram if you want to see more daily workouts and also before jump into it I'm going to get my youtube channel which goes to and also my its Kuroda which goes to so thank

you so much if you guys want to be a part of that all you have to do is comment post a notification squad either on my Instagram or make it you and that being said let's just jump into the fitness hacks the first hack I have for you guys is simple and that is just to sleep so it's really important to make sure that you're at least getting eight hours of sleep especially when you're a teenager because sleep is essential when it comes to your health and daily functioning and your brain is still continuing to

How to lose weight to teenagers in one month 2020

develop so you need sleep in order to have that healthy brain development [Music] this next hack is to just drink more water and a hack I have for you guys is buy a water bottle that is fairly big the one I am showing you guys right now has about 40 ounces of water if you fill it up one time so I suggest getting you really big water bottles and you could just fill it up one or two times this really helps me to drink more water as well as just cutting out sugary drinks or sodas is really gonna make such a big

difference if you just switch that over for water and with water I definitely suggest putting slices of lemon into your water because that also has so many benefits for your body it aids your digestion it's an excellent source of potassium it also gives your immune system a boost it helps with your skin reduces inflammation it gives you an energy boost there's just so many things that are really gonna help you so I definitely recommend throwing in some lemon into your water once in a while as well this Mex hack is to make sure that you're eating all your meals so make sure you're not skipping

How to lose weight to teenagers in one month 2020

breakfast lunch dinner make sure you are consistently eating those meals and your snacks as well I know a lot of times when you go to school you may not be hungry you may skip breakfast so a little tip I have for you is to make your breakfast the night before something I like to do is just put some Greek yogurt into a little mason jar Greek yogurt is super great because it's full of probiotics which is healthy bacteria that can help boost your immune system and also decrease any stomach issues you have so I like to have that and put in some chia seeds into it and then I like to bring a banana with me

How to lose weight to teenagers in one month 2020

so that I could chop up the banana at school and just throw it in so that you have no excuse for missing breakfast all you have to do is take this out of the fridge before you're going to school and throw it into your lunchbox which brings me to my next little tip and that is to make sure that you guys are packing your lunches because a lot of times school cafeterias and just eating out is not healthy it's full of sodium and bad fats for you so it's really important to pack your lunch pack some

snacks for you guys that are healthy and to make sure that you're organized when it comes to your meals and as you guys can see once you are packed you go to school I just took out my yogurt and all you do is just cut up the banana and throw it in mix it all together and eat it and it's a really great healthy breakfast and it's super quick and easy to just make the night before and pack into your lunch box speaking of healthy meals if you're someone that has a hard time eating healthy meals or you eat

a lot of junk a lot of the time a tip I have for you guys is start off by eating at least one really healthy meal a day and then you could start doing two and then three so this is an option that I just love to have I love a sweet potato it is seriously so yummy and I just had a salad and added a an egg into it to add some protein into my meal with some balsamic dressing but this is just a really good meal that I

How to lose weight to teenagers in one month 2020

personally like to have for lunch or dinner time so I definitely recommend inquiry for eating more healthy meals into your days and if eating every single meal extremely healthy isn't something that you've been doing just try it incorporating it a little bit more and you'll get used to it buying healthy meals that you like you can always just search online I have a whole Fitness playlist I'll link that down below for you guys as well it is really important to get your fruits in your greens into your day if you're someone that doesn't like vegetables or fruits away I like to get my fruit intake in and my

How to lose weight to teenagers in one month 2020

greens is to make smoothies they taste so yummy so this one I just have strawberries bananas blackberries and blueberries and then I added a handful of spinach which I'm not a huge fan of spinach but when you put it into your smoothie you can't even taste it and then I just put in some Greek yogurt and to finish it off I just put some almond milk I don't know if I mentioned this but make sure you guys put ice as well so it's nice and cold it just tastes so much better when you do this

this is a really great way to get your greens and your fruits in and you could have it as a snack you can have it as your breakfast it's really up to you but you can make so many different versions and these just taste so amazing the last hack is to get some sort of workout in so if you're a couch potato then these are some workouts that you can do I you just have to have two dumbbells for these

workouts or you can do it with something else you can hold like a heavy water bottle and do these workouts while commercials are playing it's really easy so I'm just showing you guys a quick workout I also have a bunch of at home workouts that you can do right from your home they're full 10 minute workouts so leave those down below for you guys I know that it's not as realistic to always go to the gym when you're a teenager because I never went to the gym I know when I was a teenager but another thing is also to just take advantage of PE class and take advantage of your gym class during school and really try to workout during that time because it will make such a big difference