still rolling still wrong hey guys welcome to my youtube channel my name is Rhys and I've created this channel in order to try a few different hair loss products to find out whether they do or do not work so the first product review I'm gonna be doing today is the Allison caffeine shampoo I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen this so it looks like this is supposed to stimulate hair roots during washing

and basically reduce hair loss I've seen a lot about this online it's the German company it's six pounds I've paid for this 250 milliliter bottle and I believe you can get a bigger bottle but obviously that's gonna be a bit more expensive so this is supposed to strengthen weakened hair roots and prevent your hair loss so it also does say you're supposed to leave it on for 120 seconds so the more caffeine can be absorbed into the scalp so I have been trying this now for three weeks and at this point I can't say that I've noticed a massive difference when I have a shower less hair does show on my hands but I don't

  Does Alpecin caffeine shampoo reverse hairloss

  Does Alpecin caffeine shampoo reverse hairloss
know if that is the result of this so it's very very hard to tell I think at this point I'm gonna keep on trying it because they do say that you need to keep on using this for up to six months to notice any form of difference fragrance is fine it smells quite nice it does leave a tingling feeling on your scalp I would say and makes your scalp a little bit drier than usual it doesn't really bother me but I suppose if you have dry skin naturally anyway that might aid parts that after one wash I do feel like my hair

feels thicker so it does give it that instant lift after you've used it I think for the price depending on if you wash your hair everyday you're gonna be spending a lot of money on this a lot of people have said it it's just a way to make money and get people to buy the product because would there really be a product out there that works if there are so many people who are bored I don't know so I'm gonna

do a follow-up video on this one in approximately one month's time so I can keep you guys posted on that fingers crossed to this and if there's any other hair loss products you'd like me to try out or review let me know in the comment section below I'd be more than happy to try those out thanks for watching guys