certain everyday habits can lead to hair thinning and can cause hair loss if you do not stop them right away you can become barred in no time before I list out the 10 bad habits that can cause hair loss please take a second to click on the subscribe button and the Bell button so that you'll get notified whenever we add any useful episode let's begin on number 10 is hot showers hot water dehydrates hair strands making them dry and brittle by stripping away your hairs natural oil coatings these hair are prone to snap and fall out on number 9 using a hairdryer in hot mode or heated styling products

that can cause considerable damage to your hair and can make them thinner on number 8 brushing or combing wet hair aggressive traveling or brushing or combing of wet hair can cause damage to your hair on number 7 tight hair styles hair follicles are stressed and eventually damaged when there is excessive tension from tight hair styling this can result in a condition called traction alopecia on number 6 is stress yes this is one of the main reasons for hair loss stress not only affects your mental or physical health it also causes significant hair loss hair loss can occur up to three months or later after a stressful event in your life that is due to hair follicular phases when you're in stress hair

10 wrong habits that lead to baldness

follicles go into the telogen phase that is the fallout phase on number five diet lack of a balanced nutritious food healthy lustrous hair require you to consume diet full of vitamins minerals and proteins on number four excessive scratching your scalp during each this can also lead to hair follicle damage on number three vigorous calming this can cause traction alopecia as discussed in point number four on number two excessive use of hair styling products many styling products can cause more harm than good this is due to high alcohol content in them this can make your hair dry and brittle on number one medications is if you're on certain drugs that can cause hair loss like the statins

antidepressants anti-anxiety drugs and hypertensives and even hormones like thyroid replacement drugs these can lead to hair loss as well as birth control pills can disrupt or interfere with the normal cycle of hair growth causing hair to go into the resting phase and fall out prematurely if you know any of the factors that can cause hair loss please comment below please take a moment to click the thumbs up button and share this information with your family and friends consider subscribing if you're new to the channel stay healthy